About Us

Singapore’s first online pizzeria with special dips


Happy Ending Pizza Parlour is Singapore’s first online pizzeria to introduce dips for pizza crust, along with an array of bold and unique pizza flavours. Our artisanal handcrafted dough is made fresh daily and available only in limited quantities to ensure it’s as extraordinary as the passion that inspired it.

Our love for great food and camaraderie can be traced to our founder, Janan Kwek, who loves cooking and entertaining. As a pizza lover, Janan wanted to change the way people think about and enjoy pizza. He noticed that people had a tendency to throw away the pizza crust because they felt it was too ‘heavy’ to eat.

Instead of wasting food, Janan created pizzas with a light and airy crust and came up with the idea of Happy Dips - so that people can dip their crusts in and enjoy them to the very last bit, guaranteeing a happy ending.